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Most-commented PhinneyWood stories of 2008

Here are the stories that elicited the most responses from you since we launched in mid-2008. While they didn’t get the most page views, they generated the most passion, advice and wry observations.

Some of the comment threads showed your willingness to help out, whether it be sharing favorite breakfast spots or offering suggestions for good places for out-of-town relatives to stay nearby.

To us, they were an insight into how much people care about Greenwood and Phinney Ridge – or Phinneywood, or Grinney, or LoZo or Phrelard, whatever you decide to call where you live in our community.

Here’s the list of the most-commented stories since PhinneyWood started in July.

1. Why aren’t you visiting the Friday Farmers Market?

2. Two teens hit at 85th and Greenwood

3. What’s your favorite breakfast/brunch spot?

4. Cat cam roams Greenwood, gets on TV

Update: Cooper now has his own blog.

5. Greenwood crime spree?

6. Where does Phinney end and Greenwood begin?

7. The Pig gets another mention

This one stirred up a lot of angst when new owners kept the name, but changed the place. Let’s hope the new owners of the Phinney Market receive a warmer welcome.

8. Car crime stirring up Phinneywood readers

9. Good places for out-of-town relatives to stay?

10. Fancy bar to replace Northside Grill in Greenwood