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Phinney Market to reopen with new owners

The old Phinney Market at Phinney Avenue and 60th closed in August, but now new owners have leased the spot and intend to open a similar grocery store with the same name and even the old signage.

John and Angela Siderius are finalizing a contract with the landlord, but hope to have the new store open by March 1. They’ve covered the windows with brown paper but haven’t started working inside yet. When I stopped by today they told me they were still trying to figure out what kind of remodeling to do, but that the new Phinney Market would be similar to the old one, although they didn’t plan to offer prepared meals.
John and Angela live in Sunset Hill and their son goes to St. John’s, so they’re excited to be even more involved with the neighborhood. John has worked for QFC and in commercial restaurant equipment sales; Angela works for Windermere Real Estate.
They’ve promised to keep us updated on their progress and grand opening date. Thanks to Brad and phinney chick for the tips!