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Where does Phinney end and Greenwood begin?

We get this question all the time and there doesn’t seem to be an absolute answer. The City’s Department of Neighborhoods defines the boundaries of Phinney Ridge as Aurora to 8th N.W. and 46th Street to North 75th St. But, Wikipedia says it runs from 50th up to 80th before turning into the Greenwood neighborhood.
One neighbor who lives on N. 75th St. says on his blog that he’s not sure which neighborhood he officially belongs to, so he’s decided to rename the area from 67th to 80th as “Grinney.” We know some people call certain areas of Phinney Ridge that are close to Ballard “Phinney Valley” or “Lower Phinney” to show that they’re not on top of the Ridge.
So, the question is, where do you consider the dividing line? And do you have any other fun nicknames for your specific neighborhood?