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Why aren’t you visiting the Friday Farmers Market?

Year two of the Phinney Farmers Market is a week away from coming to a close and by all accounts, attendance is down. Here’s the scene Friday a little after 6 p.m.

Granted, many people probably went home to watch the Presidential debate, as one vendor pointed out. In a few conversations with the organizers over the course of the summer, they’ve said it’s not uncommon for year two of most farmers markets to take an attendance dip. Just the same, they’ve said the market in the lower parking lot at the Phinney Neighborhood Center was performing to expectations.

Several farmers asked about it today felt it was less about the poor economy than about how aggressively the market is being promoted compared to last year. Given the growing interest in eating locally and organically, it’s been surprising to us and some of our readers how few people are showing up for great local produce, honey, fresh breads, pizza, bakery items, cheeses, apple cider, chocolates, ice cream and so on.

There’s even live entertainment most afternoons until 6 p.m. Today, Tiger Zane played a beautifully emotional set that captivated our young son.

OK Phinneywood readers, here’s your opportunity – why are/aren’t you attending? What would you like to see change for next year that would get you to attend? In any case, 3-7 p.m., Friday, Oct. 3 is your last chance to stop by this year.