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Nightshade Botanicals is a new shop in our neighborhood that provides plants for everyone from beginners just starting out to the serious collectors that need a source for rare plants. Their sweet shop offers indoor plant design and plant care consultations, locally sourced plant-themed merchandise and art, handmade pots, hanging accessories, and crafted soils

And now they are having a Halloween pop-up! This Saturday (10/16) from 1-7pm stop by the Nightshade shop at 400 N. 63rd Street for a special pop-up event to celebrate the spooky season. There will be Halloween plant accessories, curated spooky plants, cauldron mugs, hot cider and more. Come for the plants, a beverage, or just to check out the shop if you have not yet been.

The Seattle Department of Transportation announced that it will start work on upgrades to the 1st Avenue NW neighborhood greenway later this month, the first set of permanent improvements made to Seattle’s Stay Healthy Street network. SDOT will continue the signed restrictions on through-vehicle with “Street Closed” signage that allows people walking and rolling to use the roadway instead of being restricted to the sidewalk. Painted markings and planter boxes will take the place of A-frame signs and traffic control barrels.

Since it is the first Healthy Street to be constructed, the changes in Greenwood are notable because that street will become the de-facto prototype for the rest of the Healthy Street network. Last year, Mayor Jenny Durkan committed to making 20 miles of the approximately 25 miles of open neighborhood streets permanent.

These 2021 upgrades to 1st Avenue NW will only be seen between NW 73rd Street and N/NW 79th Street. A second phase of the Healthy Street is planned to be installed in 2022 all the way up to NW 100th Street.

In addition to the intersection treatments and “traffic calming features” along 1st Avenue NW, SDOT is adding the same features on streets that intersect 1st Ave. Nearby residents in community meetings brought up NW 73rd Street as an “unofficial arterial” with heavier, faster traffic than adjacent streets, and where the Healthy Street ends at a T intersection. SDOT will paint and post traffic circles with speed cushions between them. Also at NW 79th Street, which sits adjacent to St. John Catholic School, SDOT will see speed cushions and relocated stop signs for increased visibility.

Illustration of traffic circles along N/NW 73rd Street as shown at a recent community meeting. (City of Seattle)

The Phinney Neighborhood Association and Greenwood Senior Center invite you to join in making an impact for older adults in our community at the 10th Annual Power of Community Fundraiser this Thursday October 14th at noon.

It is still possible to sign up for the Power of Community Livestream event, which will be livestreamed from the lobby of the Senior Center. Attendees can expect:

  • Celebrate with us and support older adults, their families, and our community.
  • Learn how the PNA creates connections and builds resiliency, inspiring the well-being of older adults in our community.
  • Support the essential work of our Greenwood Senior Center, PNA Village, and Memory Loss Program.
  • Listen to an intimate conversation between community leaders Jim Diers and Kavan Peterson at the finale event.

Jim is a speaker, facilitator, author, and advocate. Jim served as the first director of Seattle’s Department of Neighborhoods. He now assists associations and agencies in support of caring, inclusive, and powerful communities.

Kavan is co-founder and editor of ChangingAging.org and an entrepreneur and long-term care reform advocate committed to promoting the equality, sustainability, health, and well-being of people of all ages.

You can register to attend or make an impact by making a donation today. Your support will connect seniors to vital services and people in the community. We have a goal of $50,000 and we need your help to reach it. Give a gift today!

Thank you for your support and we hope to see you at this important fundraiser for our senior programs and services.

Did you love the design of this year’s PhinneyWood Art Walk poster? Did you miss out on snagging one of the few extras for sale?

Because of the high demand for the poster from this year’s 25th BIG Art Walk, the PNA is doing a special second run of this beautiful art piece that graced the September 10-11 event.

The poster is silkscreened with black ink on 80lb French Speckletone Cream paper (different than previous years and a special order). It is 20” x 26.”  It’s suitable for framing, or just hanging up as is!

Posters are available for preorder until October 31, are $25, and all proceeds from this second run will go to benefit ongoing work in Phinney-Greenwood business district recovery. (Additional donations towards the cause welcomed, as well.)

We will have two pickup dates at the Phinney Center when the posters are printed and ready, and you will be notified of those dates in the coming weeks.

Preorder your poster now

About the artist, Robynne Raye

The poster was created by Robynne Raye, co-founder of Modern Dog Design, who has designed all 26 of the annual art walk posters (including one for 2020 that did not get printed.) Robynne is an award-winning graphic design artist and counts posters, packaging, and identity projects as some of her favorite work.  Her posters have been exhibited internationally and are collected in the archives of major libraries and museums worldwide, including the Library of Congress, the Smithsonian Institute’s Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, the Louvre’s Musee Des Arts Decoratifs, and others. Visit her at robynneraye.com.

About the design

When asked about the design, Robynne said, “It’s the 25th Art Walk poster, so I wanted to make it special. My cairn terrier, Winnie, died unexpectedly of what we believe was heart failure, on June 20. The cat in the poster is our calico, Lucy. When my then-boyfriend, now-husband moved in with me, he was concerned about my dog not getting along with his cat. Turns out Lucy and Winnie became good friends—sharing water bowls, sleeping together, and loving their overall companionship.”

She also wanted to express friendship and the pure joy of being around friends after what we all have collectively experienced because of the pandemic. And, the poster was meant to subtly address some of the racial unrest of the past few years.

Happy news seems to often accompany sad news, which is the case today. In announcing a new location in Central Ballard, A la Mode Pies owner Chris Porter revealed that his Phinney Ridge location will be forced to close in 2023 because the building is slated to demolished to make way for Community Land Trust low-income housing.

It’s a bittersweet move for Porter (pictured above at left with partner Melih Can), who purposely opened this as close to Phinney as possible. Porter recently told the My Ballard Blog “Opening in Ballard means A la Mode Pies will never go dark during the construction process. We love the Ballard / Phinney Ridge neighborhood – the community has supported us for years and we want to continue to produce the ‘best pies in Seattle’ for many years to come.”

The new location is located in the former Parfait Ice Cream parlor at 2034 NW 56th St after the previous owner decided to move on from the business. This is providing A la Mode with an exciting opportunity: making their own ice cream from scratch because part of the sale included a pasteurizing machine. Porter says the flavors and combinations will “be like Ben & Jerry’s”).

The cafe is now open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day and is planning on adding extensive outdoor seating in the coming months.

After numerous community Steering Committee meetings, engagement with makers, design meetings, and neighborhood polls, we finally have the animals and silhouettes for the new Holiday Lighting tradition ready to vote on! There was an exceptional number of votes for different animals than originally conceived of, which is reflected in the final 6 animals: North American River Otter, Grey Wolf, Southern Resident Orca Whale, Chinook Salmon, American Crow, and Western Grey Squirrel.

Each animal has two different designs to choose from, and we are asking the community to pick your favorite 3 silhouettes that you think would look best lit up with LEDs and posted at businesses throughout the community. As you may recall, the intention is to have animals that are Pacific Northwest, Cool, and Easily Identifiable with regards to the final choices. 

You can see the designs here by Dillon Works, the company that will be making them in the coming weeks after the voting is complete. Here is the link to the survey where you can cast your vote for your favorite three.

The PNA is also looking for volunteers to help install the LED lighting on the animals in early to mid November. If you are interested, please sign up here and indicate “Holiday Lights” under the “Volunteer Opportunity” field.

Thank you to everyone involved in making this happen, and we hope to debut a new and beloved Phinneywood holiday tradition in a couple months!

The Phinney Ridge Community Council (PRCC) is a volunteer, not-for-profit organization that tracks issues such as public safety, transportation, transit, land use, zoning, city budget priorities, capital improvements, parks, open space use and other civic issues.

This month’s agenda will focus on:

  • Development projects in the neighborhood, including 6718 Greenwood and an affordable housing project along Aurora across from Woodland Park.
  • Updates on events at Green Lake will also be presented by people who have been working to improve conditions. Also, West Green Lake Way N opening with delineated multi modal lane pedestrians and bikes.
  • Public Safety efforts for our neighborhood, including a petition to clean up Greenlake and Compassion Seattle.

Zoom Meeting Information
Meeting Link

Meeting ID: 876 8309 0831
Passcode: 723637

When you join the meeting by clicking on the join meeting link below, you will first be entered into a waiting room. A greeter will soon let you into the meeting. Everyone except the speakers will be muted and unable to unmute themselves. If you have a question, use the Chat function at the bottom of your screen to type it to the Questions host, who will read it aloud during the Q&A period.

Just a couple blocks south of Teasome and Rudy’s Barbershop on Phinney Avenue, a sweet new plant shop has appeared in our neighborhood. Nightshade Botanicals is nestled behind a craftsman house at 400 N. 63rd Street, and this shop that specializes in tropical indoor houseplants is the brainchild of teacher-by-day Julianne Duncan.

Nightshade Botanicals started selling plants online in January of this year, offering local delivery and shipping nationwide. Julianne took the opportunity to open a physical storefront in Phinney Ridge in June, and endeavors “help the people of Seattle benefit from the therapeutic nature of plant care the way I have.”

Nightshade Botanicals provides plants for everyone from beginners just starting out, to the serious collectors that need a source for rare plants. Their sweet shop offers indoor plant design and plant care consultations, locally sourced plant-themed merchandise and art, handmade pots, hanging accessories, and crafted soils.

They currently are open Friday through Sunday. Next time you’re needing a pick-me-up for your house, gift for a friend, or just want to be surrounded by greenery, plan a trip there.

Nightshade Botanicals
400 N 63rd St.

Friday: 3:30PM-7:00PM
Saturday: 12PM-6:30PM
Sunday: 12PM-4:00PM
M-Th: Closed

Emerald City Karate looking for instructor

While there are a lot of businesses looking for workers right now, we wanted to flag this in case there are any folks looking for part-time or FT work in the neighborhood that have 2+ years of martial arts experience. So many of our community’s children and teens have been a part of Emerald City Karate over the past decade and had empowering and fun experiences there. Sensei Tobey and his wife Reina are the nicest people and teach an incredible program. Please pass on to anyone you know with some martial arts experience that may be interested – thank you!

Here is the job posting.