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Car crime stirring up Phinneywood readers

A recent post about a carjacking on NW 67th Street has generated an ongoing comment thread and e-mails about car crime in the neighborhood, including two reports of stolen cars in the past few weeks – and that’s just coming from the lovely readers who have stumbled across our blog.

MonkeyPilot says a friend’s car was stolen on Monday from 83th Street and Stolen Truck says their 15-year-old pickup disappeared three weeks ago, only to turn up in Snohomish County, stripped of a bunch of parts. Break-ins are very common. We’ve experienced it recently and we just found out that a neighbor scared away a young thief going through another neighbor’s car at 2 a.m. a couple weeks ago.

In the carjacking comment thread, Concerned suggests security cameras to deter crime. Cell phone armed people near Greenwood Park have organized night-time walks through the park to let loiterers and potential vandals know someone is watching.

What kinds of crime are you seeing and what do you think we should be doing to combat it?