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Calico Salon opening special art exhibit with a purpose today

Calico Salon – our neighborhood Collective with a Cause at 7421 Greenwood Ave N- has teamed up with an organization called Interloper that curates art shows “with a purpose” throughout Seattle. One of Calico’s front bay windows is now enclosed to look like an art gallery and will feature a show called “Pathways” by artist Deja Milany through December 29th.

The exhibition is called This Land is Your Land and examines what is possible when there are boundaries without borders. In “Pathways” Deja Milany traces her experience of relationship and community through the entwining of the braid. The specific location of Milany’s exhibition at Calico Salon grounds her work in her intention to “challenge the world’s interaction with black hair.”

A little more about Deja:

She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fibers from the College for Creative Studies. Born in Atlanta, GA but has always called Detroit her home. She grew up immersed in environments celebrating the elaborate world of black hair. Her mother, being a cosmetologist specializing in natural hair & braiding, exposed her to the hair shows, magazine shoots, and the sisterhood built in the beauty salon. 

She soon discovered the connection between the intimate details within the craft of hair braiding, head wrapping, and needle crafting techniques. Her artworks are an exploration of adornment & self-discovery by challenging the world’s interaction with black hair. 

Come out and see the show next time you’re walking up Greenwood, and please check out more of Dejay’s work here!