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Ballard P-Patch plight goes to City Hall, needs your help

On October 22, members of the Ballard P-Patch and surrounding community met at City Hall to petition the budget committee for funds from the Sweetened Beverages Tax. You can read more about the plight of the P-Patch here.

To date, the Ballard P-Patch has raised over $50,000 and gathered over 3,000 signatures from 18 local organizations and thousands of individuals in support of saving the garden.

Members of the Ballard P-Patch brought this information along with numerous letters of support to the budget committee, and are hopeful that the strong support of the community will help influence their decision to allocate funds for the P-Patch program.

You can help by sending a note to the Mayor ([email protected]) and the entire City Council ([email protected]) in support of the P-Patch and advocating for City funds to help the effort.