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Seattle at risk of losing Ballard P-Patch Community Garden

After 43 years of organic gardening and community building, The Ballard P-Patch, one of Seattle’s oldest gardens in the P-Patch program, is at risk of losing their garden site to real estate development. The landowner, Our Redeemer’s Lutheran Church, recently determined that they need to sell the property to fund safety upgrades and renovations to their building.

Our Redeemer’s has valued their partnership with the garden and its community since 1976, leasing the land for only $1 per year to the City of Seattle. Their stated hope is that the community can rally and purchase the land, keeping it a green space in an increasingly dense urban community. But time is short, with construction planned for April, 2020.

The Ballard P-Patch offers 83 individual families garden space, as well as three raised bed areas for mobility-challenged gardeners. But beyond growing produce and flowers, the value of the garden is its role in building community:

  • Giving Gardens produce 1300+ lbs of produce for the Ballard Food Bank.
  • Annual Art in the Garden Festival that showcases local artists, music, and food.
  • Emergency Hub Location protects the community with on-site disaster recovery supplies.
  • Garden tours for local schools educate our youth on agriculture in our society.
  • ADA-accessible pathways and raised garden beds bring nature to all.
  • Open patio and grill available to everyone in the community.

How to help?

The gardeners are reaching out to leaders in the business and civic communities at city and county levels, exploring options for grants and public funding and pooling their contact lists for potential private philanthropists. Email [email protected] if you can assist with any of this.

This is also a grassroots fundraising campaign. The gardeners are actively engaging the community and participating in local events to raise awareness and funds. If you would like to show your support, please attend.

Meanwhile, help spread the word: