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Seattle Times: Puget Sound Energy passing blame on 2016 Greenwood gas explosion

In case you missed it in yesterday’s Seattle Times, columnist Danny Westneat wrote about Puget Sound Energy trying to pass off blame for the March 9, 2016, natural gas explosion that leveled three businesses and damaged another 50 in downtown Greenwood.

He quoted court records from an insurance case over the explosion, where PSE tried to place the blame for the damaged pipe on reckless acts by individuals not related to PSE. And he talked to a victim of the explosion, whose nearby apartment was heavily damaged by the blast, who was erroneously named by PSE in that court filing as one of the reckless perpetrators.

Six months after the blast, the Washington State Utilities and Transportation Commission’s department of Pipeline Safety found Puget Sound Energy at fault for not properly decommissioning that line years earlier.

You can read the full column here.