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Prefab modules for Taproot Theatre’s expansion arrive next Tuesday

Construction crews have been working on Taproot Theatre’s expansion since late last year, excavating the site of the former Eleanor Roosevelt building (destroyed in the 2009 arson) and pouring a new foundation.

On Tuesday, the new theater will really take shape as the first of 21 modular building units will arrive by semi-truck from Method Prefab’s factory in Ferndale.


This is what the foundation looked like last week.

The trucks will line up along Palatine Avenue between North 85th and 87th streets between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. Tuesday. A crane will hoist each section off the trucks and onto the foundation.

Taproot’s Producing Artistic Director Scott Nolte told the Greenwood Community Council last week that the work to join the modular units will take about six weeks. He expects the theater to be complete sometime in August.

The addition will add a second theater (with retractable seating, so the space could also be used for meetings and other events), scene shop, offices, cafe and more restrooms.

Check out Method’s website for pictures of Taproot’s modules under construction, and what they look like all wrapped up for shipping.