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Two men at Greenwood apartment building taken to hospital with symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning

Two men at a Greenwood apartment building were overcome by carbon monoxide just before 5 p.m. today. They were taken to Virginia Mason Hospital and placed in a hyperbaric chamber.
From Seattle Fire Department’s Fire Line blog:

At 4:58 this afternoon, Firefighters were called to the 10300 block of Greenwood Avenue North for a report of 2 men who were overcome by the carbon monoxide. The men were operating a gas powered pressure washer in the basement parking garage of multi-level residential apartment complex when they began experiencing symptoms. The men walked upstairs to their apartment and called 911.
Medics evaluated the two men and say they were alert, oriented and breathing but showed symptoms of CO poisoning. The men, one in his 20′s the other in his 40′s, were in stable condition while being transported to Virginia Mason to their Dive Chamber.
Seattle Firefighters tested the CO levels in the hallways of the apartment complex and found them to be safe.

Thanks to Silver for the tip!