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Zak and Zoe moving into Rising Stars space

Last week we told you that Rising Stars was closing up shop after 15 years in Phinney Ridge. Rising Stars has been subleasing a portion of Metropolis cards and gifts, on the corner of Greenwood Avenue North and North 74th Street.

Now, Terry Heiman, owner of Metropolis, tells us that Zak and Zoe dog mercantile will be moving across the street from its current location and into Rising Stars’ space after they close on April 28.

We are thrilled to have them come over to our side of the street and welcome them with enthusiasm.
With the continuing transitions happening, the Phinney / Greenwood neighborhood needs to remain strong and understand that in order to stay prosperous and remain in business we need customers and their support and on a regular basis. Our door is open….we welcome you, our customers and thank you for your support. Small business owners usually live in the neighborhood or close by and they/we spend out dollars locally. Cyber dollars don’t support our neighborhood.
Welcome to Zak & Zoe.

Update: Nadja Chorba Wiese, owner of Zak and Zoe, just told us that they are moving because their lease is up May 31, and they needed a more open floor plan than their current store. They hope to open in the new space in mid-May.

We will be having a spring cleaning/moving sale from now until we move to make space for some new product.
We are keeping all the healthy food and treats we currently stock but will have fun new toys, collars, human goodies etc in our new and improved location.