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Rising Stars children’s store closing April 28

Rising Stars children’s store, a fixture in Phinney Ridge for the last 15 years, is closing its doors at the end of April, due to the economy. The store, at 7321 Greenwood Ave. N., will celebrate its 15th anniversary this weekend with a sale and cake.

Photo courtesy Rising Stars.
Owner Elonna Marci-Salmon sent us a copy of the letter she sent to her customers this morning.

Dear Friends,
This weekend we celebrate our 15th Anniversary in the neighborhood! We will have cupcakes or cake and offer 15% off items in the store, April 1, 2nd and 3rd. Our hours are Fri & Sat, 10 – 6, and Sunday, 11 – 4, and we hope that you can stop by to shop and say hello.
In addition, this anniversary is somewhat bittersweet. As many of you know, we have struggled to maintain Rising Stars, and the stock we like to carry in this dire economy. When the tides turned economically, now over three years ago, we tried to be creative to meet the changes, first shrinking our square footage into the original Rising Stars space, then moving across the street when our old space became financially prohibitive. We have so appreciated your support as our business flexed and adjusted.
However, we have seen the economy slow, and slow again, without reaching bottom we feel. As a result, our business is suffering, and has for some time. We find it necessary to close the doors after 15 years of business in Phinneywood.
We are thankful to have been part of your family’s lives, to have known many of you and shared birthdays, baby showers, school news, and receive parenting tips. It has meant so much to us to feel part of a community of families here in Phinney, and in the larger community of schools in North Seattle.
In addition, it has been an honor to know and support many creative moms with cottage industries in Seattle, and sell their creations here at the store.  From animal towels, flannel burp cloths, lavender-filled bears, contrast-leg tights, jewelry, to organic baby clothing, these wholesale consignors have brought interest and energy to shopping locally at Rising Stars.
We will be closing as of Friday, April 28th and urge you to come shop in this time. Not only would we love to see you and say goodbye, but we urgently need the support. Consignors and gift certificate holders are urged to come use their credit or gift certificate amounts.  We will be spending the next few days boxing up current consignment items to be returned to each consignor. We can offer credit only at this time through April 28th. We apologize to those who prefer to cash out their consignment but financially, it is simply not possible. We are glad that we have new stock and furnishings, basketry, holiday decor, etc. to offer.
We have been so grateful to own a business that the community has valued for 15 years, and to know many of the families in the neighborhood. We will be leaving on that thankful note. Remember to stop by this weekend for cake and 15% off your shopping!
With warm regards,
Elonna Marci-Salmon & Jay Salmon, owners
Rising Stars