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How can PhinneyWood better serve you?

We’d like to ask your help so we can continue to grow PhinneyWood into the kind of community resource you want and need. Forgetting about financial, technological and time constraints, give us your pie-in-the-sky ideas for PhinneyWood. What kinds of stories would you like to see more of? What technical applications would make PhinneyWood easier to use and share information?
So, here’s the reality: PhinneyWood is not staffed around the clock by an army of journalists. We are an “army” of two, with occasional help from the other writers at our sister sites in the Next Door Media network (My Ballard, Fremont Universe, My Wallingford, Queen Anne View, Magnolia Voice, Wedgwood View, Maple Leaf Life, U District Daily). And one of us (Dale) works full time at a “real” job. I work part-time at another job, but as a freelancer it sometimes turns into full-time as I fill in for other folks during the holidays and prime vacation months. We also have a 4-year-old son (a.k.a. the PhinneyWood Kid).
So, technically, we do PhinneyWood in our “spare” time, of which there isn’t much.
But don’t worry – when there’s true breaking news, our favorite scanner hound, Silver, doesn’t hesitate to call us in the middle of the night so we can cover it!
So, while we hope you cut us some slack for not being “on” 24 hours a day, we do hope to someday make this a true full-time job, at least for one of us (that would be me.) So, please continue to send us tips and photos of news and events around the neighborhood, patronize our advertisers, and tell all your friends about PhinneyWood!