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The changing face of journalism

SeattlePI.com has a great article today about the changing nature of journalism, especially the explosion of hyperlocal news websites such as ours.
In the old days of print journalism, people got all their basic news from their local newspaper and maybe a national paper such as the Wall Street Journal or New York Times. But, in the last few years, everything has changed as newspapers go out of business (the P.I.’s presses fell silent one year ago tomorrow) and media companies consolidate and try to figure out how to do more with less.
In today’s article, Journalist/Blogger Monica Guzman interviewed the owners behind a number of Seattle-area sites, such as West Seattle Blog (which can be credited with creating the whole hyperlocal phenomenon), Techflash, Neighborlogs, Next Door Media (which owns PhinneyWood, MyBallard, etc.), PubliCola, InvestigateWest and Crosscut.
If you’re at all interested in where your news comes from, check it out.