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Dental office burglary suspect caught

SeattleCrime.com reports that the suspect in a string of dozens of medical and dental office burglaries – including in our neighborhood – has been arrested. Shane Carlson is suspected of stealing dental gold and drugs from offices in North and West Seattle, Bothell, Shoreline and Bellevue, beginning last May. He was named a suspect in November.
Here’s more from SeattleCrime.com:

According to a source familiar with the investigation, when Carlson was arrested earlier today in Eugene, Oregon, he was driving a truck or van—possibly a moving van—filed with stolen items, including several laptops and a number of Washington State IDs. Another man in the vehicle—who has a lengthy rap sheet in King and Snohomish counties—was also in possession of methamphetamine.
In addition to the Seattle-area dental office burglaries, a source tells us Carlson may be suspected in a number of burglaries in the Eugene, OR area as well.