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Serial burglar targets gold, drugs at dentist offices

A serial burglar or burglars is targeting dental and medical offices in north Seattle, taking drugs and dental gold, including gold crowns, according to Seattle Police. One burglary netted $10,000 in scrap gold.

Since the beginning of September, roughly 30-35 overnight burglaries have been reported, most north of downtown, but there may be others in West Seattle and Bellevue that could be connected, Seattle Police spokesman Mark Jamieson said this morning.

The most recent burglary reported happened two nights ago at a medical clinic in the 400 block of North 85th Street.

“They seem to be medical or dental offices. Other than that, there’s no pattern. Once the suspects break into the place, they will take whatever. Sometimes it’s drugs, sometimes it’s gold,” Jamieson said. “They are breaking into places that are alarmed and that doesn’t seem to be a deterrent.”

Prescription narcotics have been taken as well as 2-3 ounces of gold dental crowns from one office and roughly $2,000 worth of generic dental gold from another.

Crime prevention coordinators have been contacting area businesses, asking them to be vigilant and to ensure valuables are safely secured, Jamieson said. Extra officers have been assigned to emphasis patrols and stakeouts of likely targets.

Anyone with information related to these crimes is encouraged to call the North Precinct burglary line at (206) 684-5735.

Update 4:30 p.m.: Our colleagues at the West Seattle Blog report that West Seattle has seen three break-ins similar to the North Seattle incidents, and that three people were detained early this morning after being seen acting suspiciously around a West Seattle dental office. Sgt. Jeff Durdan told WSB that all three are considered “persons of interest” in the burglaries.

Some of the burglaries include:

First week of September
8000 block of 35th Avenue NE. Nothing taken.
4400 block of 38th Avenue NE. $25 petty cash.
Second week of September
10100 block of 5th Avenue NE. $10,000 in scrap gold.
8000 block of 15th Avenue NW
1400 block of NW 85th Street
5800 block 58th Avenue NW
3200 block of NE 125th Street
13300 block of 1st Avenue NE

Third week of September
7500 block of 15th Avenue NW
7000 block of 15th Avenue NW

Fourth week of September
7100 block of Greenwood Avenue N
8500 block of Greenwood Avenue N
2200 block of North 56th Street
4700 block of Midvale Avenue N

Police would only provide the 100 block in which the crimes occurred.