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12- and 14-year-old charged with armed robbery

The Seattle Times reports today that the two juveniles arrested last Thursday for armed robbery of the 76 gas station at 85th and Aurora, are just 12 and 14 years old.

According to court charging papers, the younger boy walked into the store around 11 a.m. while the second youth stayed at the front door, charging papers said.
The younger boy pulled out the BB gun and told the clerk to “open the cash register and get down on the ground,” court papers said. When the cashier told the youth that he didn’t know how to open the register, the 12-year-old said, “Open the cash register or I’ll shoot you,” the charging papers said.
The older boy then urged the younger boy to leave and the two fled, court papers said. The 12-year-old ordered a customer in the store to the floor before he left.

The report says the two were seen running to nearby Wilson Pacific/Interagency School, where they are students.

Wilson Pacific/Interagency School is designed to help middle- and high-school students who have been suspended or expelled from their regular schools to continue their academic classes with the goal of helping them transition back to a regular school environment, according to the district.