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South Indian publishing co-op moves to Phinney

Tara Books, a South Indian publishing co-op specializing in visual and handmade books for children and adults, has opened their North American office on Phinney Ridge.

Here’s a look at the process:

After working with Tara in India, Tara’s publicity and marketing director, Jennifer Abel, decided to set up shop here on the Ridge. “Seattle’s an exciting, bookish town, and very much caters to a grassroots-friendly readership,” she says.

Their home-based business office at 67th and Dayton Avenue isn’t open to the public, but they’ll have a table at the 2009 Seattle Book Fest, Oct. 24-25. You can order their books at Santoro’s, or visit their Web site or follow them on Twitter @TaraBooks (you can follow us too @PhinneyWood!).