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Phinney resident publishes yoga book

Phinney resident Jennifer Abel recently co-published a lighthearted book on yoga poses titled “Metamorphosis: An Artist Envisions the Asanas of Yoga.” Abel wrote the text and her friend, artist Emanuele Scanziani, re-imagined traditional yoga poses using both animal and human elements to show poses such as Downward Facing Dog, Crane, and Lion.

The book was published last fall, but just received a glowing review from Yoga Journal:

“When children practice yoga, they are often taught to stand tall like a tree in Tree Pose, roar like a Lion in Lion Pose, or blossom like a flower in Lotus Pose. This picture book encourages readers of all ages to think about the fun shapes of poses and the objects in nature that they mimic. Emanuele Scanziani’s pen-and-ink drawings and Jennifer Abel’s short, poetic asana descriptions provide inspiration and just enough information to be able to mold your spine into a turtle shell or channel the poise of a peacock. For example, a crouching crane is drawn with human legs for wings, tucked in and balanced on the bird’s arms. A simple sentence provides the pose’s only instructions: ‘In Bakasana, the yogi envisions himself as a graceful and rounded waterfowl, extending his neck forward to graze among the reeds.'”

Abel moved to Phinney last year after living and working in southern India. She says local yoga instructors and students have found the book helpful in trying to remember names and details of various poses.
You can check it out on amazon.com, and see a review on the Seattle yoga blog Chai & Yoga.
Update: Santoro’s Books at 7405 Greenwood Ave. N. will soon stock this book.