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Milkman almost ready to deliver beer, wine

Judson Greif is Greenwood’s new Milkman, and he’s just about ready to deliver beer and wine straight to your door.
We first told you about Milkman last month, when Greif got his liquor delivery license and was finalizing business details. Today he told us that he’s ready to start delivery in early October on a limited basis, and should be fully up and running in time for the holidays.
And for those who can’t wait to sign up for the membership-based delivery service, Greif has a special deal for you:

I’m inviting critical thinkers to join for the first month with no service charge in exchange for constructive feedback on how the business could be better and for putting up with the service while I work out the kinks. It will be very limited space for this pilot (which should last about a month) and I plan to go live to the rest of the public after the test runs. So essentially the first 30 or so that sign up will be invited to be the Milkman “guinea pigs”.