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‘Milkman’ will deliver wine, beer to your door

Modeled after the old-time milkman, a new Greenwood business will soon deliver beer and wine right to your doorstep. Milkman-Seattle Beer and Wine Delivery Service LLC – or simply, Milkman – is owned by Judson Greif, a former political consultant (yes, I already made the joke about that career driving him to drink).
Milkman has relationships with all the major distributors as well as local boutiques, and will deliver your wine and beer order to your doorstep within two days. “It’s like a combination between New Roots Organics and Netflix,” he says of the service.
Greif says he’ll be able to offer lower prices than grocery stores, and envisions his service being used heavily at holidays and for parties planned at least a few days in advance. Customers will pay a nominal monthly fee, probably $4 to $5, he says. He’ll even track what you order and make suggestions for beverages you might like, or ones that are similar but cheaper. He plans to start small with neighbors, then will branch out to delivering throughout Greenwood, Phinney and Ballard.
I chatted with him on Monday while he was painting the outside of his house, which will be Milkman’s headquarters, near the corner of 6th Ave. NW and NW 85th St. He and his wife moved to Greenwood five years ago “and absolutely fell in love with the neighborhood,” he says.

He’s still working on Milkman’s website, which we’ll link here just as soon as it’s up.