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String of burglaries continue at Neptune, Makeda

Someone broke into Neptune Coffee and cut open the safe early this morning, going through a lot of effort to get petty cash.

“Someone broke in through a back window and then cut through the safe with an angle grinder (I’m assuming) and took all the petty cash (which wasn’t that much, we are a coffee shop after all),” Dan tells us. “The cop that came said in his 16 years this was the most effort he’d ever seen anyone do for a break in. He also said they’d been targeting small businesses up and down Greenwood and Aurora.”

Just a few blocks south and a day earlier, someone broke into Makeda Coffee, 153 N. 78th St., kicking in the door to get inside, then going through the cash register sometime early on the 14th. It’s the same MO as the recent break-in at Strut on Tuesday the 10th. And there’s the Greenwood Senior Center burglary a little more than a week ago.

An e-mail going around to local businesses adds more details and asks people to call the police if they see anything amiss:

Last week several Ballard stores were hit, one was robbed during regular business hours – the thieves actually did use a “get away” car.

We wanted to make sure our dear friends and customers knew what was happening in their own neighborhood(s)! We ask for your help – please keep your eyes out – if you see something out of place or out of the ordinary, we ask that you please do call the police.

Help us keep Greenwood/ Phinney Ridge a wonderful place to live, shop, and hang out!  Help us keep Greenwood/ Phinney Ridge (and the surrounding neightborhoods) safe for all our families!