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Strut shoe store burglarized early Tuesday

Strut shoe store at Greenwood Ave. N. and N. 75th St. was broken into early Tuesday morning, around 2 a.m. Here’s what owner Paula Kopp told us:

Something was used to pry open/kick in the door. My alarm system went off, Brinks was alerted and notified SPD. There wasn’t much time for the intruders to spend in the store before the police arrived. Aside from the door being completely destroyed not much else was tampered with and no merchandise is missing. I leave my till open and empty, so there was no damage to the register. My file cabinet was rummaged through slightly with credit card receipts thrown about – but there is no identity info printed on those. SPD found no fingerprints.

If anyone saw or heard anything that could help catch the criminal, please contact Paula at 206-297-1907.