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Wave the whimsical knit crosswalk flag

JM spotted this in the crosswalk flag bucket at 71st and Greenwood Avenue on Sunday and sent us a picture.

We just checked and it’s still there now.

We’re guessing someone with a sense of humor – and nimble knitting needles (Hmmm, JM suggests it’s maybe someone from the nearby Fiber Gallery?) – left it behind for safety-conscious pedestrians to put to use. The flags are out at 17 crosswalks as part of a test by the Seattle Department of Transportation to see whether they improve pedestrian safety.

Update: JM’s instincts were correct about the knitting shop being the source of the flag. Susan Strawn, author of “Knitting America: A Glorious History from Warm Socks to High Art,” knit it as part of a “guerrilla knitting” group that left a number of other knit objects along Greenwood Avenue from 70th to 72nd Streets. If you spot one, let us know, or send us a pic so we can add it to the site!

Oh, and if you want to replicate the flag, Susan left instructions, including the diagram for the walking man icon, at the Fiber Gallery.

Spotted: Lance sends us this photo of what we can only assume is a tree trunk cozy near Herkimer Coffee. Thanks, Lance!