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Proposed changes to zoning and property taxes to be discussed at tomorrow’s Phinney Ridge Community Council meeting

Participate in an open discussion about density and zoning in our neighborhood. Become informed on policies currently proposed by Washington State Legislature (House Bill 1110) increasing density to provide more housing statewide.

Several proposals being debated significantly increases number of units on a single property and decreasing minimum lot size to encourage new multifamily development. The reasoning is that more housing units will lower the cost of housing.

Phinney Ridge Community Council Meeting
Tuesday, March 7, 7pm via Zoom
Meeting ID: 870 0579 6220

The Phinney Ridge Community Council (PRCC) is a volunteer, not-for-profit organization that tracks issues such as public safety, transportation, transit, land use, zoning, city budget priorities, capital improvements, parks, open space use and other civic issues.