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Community input requested for proposed 5-story apartment building on residential Greenwood Avenue street

A 5-story, 24 small-unit apartment building has been proposed on the site of a recently demolished duplex at 6555 Greenwood Ave N. As part of the Early Design Guidance process of the permit, the architect is looking for community input on the project. 

You can take the survey and submit your thoughts on this project here.  

Additionally, the community is invited to a site tour by the architect next week – “a guided site walk with some representatives from our office, as well as people that live/work in the neighborhood.” That tour is next Tuesday, June 21, from 5:30 pm to 7:30pm starting at the site. The architect’s contact is Marianna Puig at [email protected] and (206)702-1073.

While located on a street that is mostly single-family homes, this stretch was zoned Neighborhood Commercial to match the two story apartment building across the street decades ago. In April of 2019, the height was increased from 40 ft to 55 feet, bicycle parking required but no vehicle parking so that affordable units could be included.  There are many examples of this height currently being built along Greenwood but developers are choosing to pay a fee instead of providing affordable units in their building.  The fee goes into a fund that funds dedicated affordable buildings like are being constructed along Aurora and other places.

Separately, adjacent to this property where a single family house has already been demolished, There is a project for a 3 story house with attached (mother in law) unit plus a 5 story skinny building on the north property.  This property is unique in that the south portion where the house was is zoned single family and the north portion multifamily family (5 story).  This is being permitted separately.

The brick apartment building on the corner is not part of these projects and will be retained under separate ownership.