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Pie Bar to open new indoor seating space – PNA Members get 2-for-1 slices next week!

If life is too short and one should eat dessert first, who is to say one shouldn’t eat TWO desserts first? The Pie Bar at 7402 Greenwood Ave N is finishing up some interior renovations that will allow them to to host the neighborhood out on their patio and for the first time open up the space completely to the public for dine-in. Pie Bar is open Tuesday – Sunday from 4pm -10pm, closing one hour later on Saturday at 11pm.

Even better, to celebrate the are generously offering a buy 1, get one free slice of pie offer to current PNA household and business members! This offer is good from May 17 – May 23, and just intended to be used once per person (your doctor agrees). Not sure if you’re a current member? Email [email protected] to find out.

Pie Bar is a business whose name reveals exactly what it is: a bar that serves drinks and pie. The original location is still in Capitol Hill, though independently owned of this new location and a Ballard location that has been open for several years right on Market Street.