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Open mic this Sunday evening at Greenwood Pencil Box for World Storytelling Day

World Storytelling Day is a celebration of truths and tales that has roots going all the way back to Sweden in the early 90’s. Creative minds from different cultures all over the world gather for a day of sharing and enrichment through festivals, concerts, and even campfires. This year, the Greenwood Pencil Box will be joining in the tradition, and are excited to invite you to tell your stories, and celebrate an evening of words, music, and free beer provided by a local brewery.

This event will be an open mic night for adults to come and stretch that creative muscle (or just listen and enjoy), using whatever oral medium you choose, be it speech, poetry, or song. Every year, a theme is chosen by the international community to give inspiration to the storytellers; this year’s theme being “lost and found.” This is only a guideline, and you are encouraged to share whatever brings the best out of you, but Pencil Box only ask that you keep in mind that this is a day of fun and merrymaking; a day to celebrate our differences as well as our value to one another.

Each participant will be given a maximum of 5 minutes to perform their piece, so as to give time to everyone who wishes to share. The Pencil Box will provide a stage, a microphone, and a boombox for you to utilize and tell your tale.

The Greenwood Pencil Box is considered a safe space, meaning that they don’t condone any hate speech, sexism, or any acts of, or threats of violence. This is also a weapon-free zone. The World Storytelling Day event will be hosted on Sunday, March 20th from 4pm-7pm at Greenwood Pencil Box, 8414 Greenwood Ave N. Seattle, WA 98103, for adults aged 21+. Drinks have generously been provided by one of Seattle’s local breweries at no charge. All drinks must remain in the space, and cannot be taken outdoors. Masks will be optional.

Photo by Bogomil Mihaylov on Unsplash