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Phinneywood Winter Lights debut in the business district

Meet the PhinneyWood Winter Lights!

Winter is the perfect time to slow down, reflect, and notice the beauty around us. The Phinney Neighborhood Association is thrilled to debut a new annual neighborhood tradition: the Phinneywood Winter Lights!

You may have heard that the PNA Business Group has been working hard to create a new holiday lighting tradition for the neighborhood, replacing the LED monkeys that had brightened the business district until they were retired in 2020. This is one of the main events that our amazing business district was known for, and we are so blessed and excited to start anew.

We have been working with a Steering Committee and polling the neighborhood all year – over 1800 of you voted for your favorite animals this Fall – and finally the new LED animals are being created in time to get them out into the business district this December. There will be 5 different animals, and it is with a great deal of excitement that we now introduce you to the new stars of the Phinneywood Winter Lights: Orca, Wolf, Otter, Crow and Squirrel. These are your “PNAnimals”.

The PNAnimals are a diverse group; they swim, fly, run and climb. Some we see every day, some only at the Zoo, some we might count ourselves lucky to see even once in real life. However, they all have something important in common; they are all native to the Northwest and each have characteristic traits that we feel reflect our community. 

But wait! There is a rare 6th animal lurking about the neighborhood. One of the PNAnimals is hard to find—normally, it would hibernate in the woods, but you can find a bear resting at 5 different locations throughout Phinneywood. Each time you find a bear, please take a picture and post it on social media using #PhinneyWoodBear. Or, stop by our Phinney Center office and let us know where you found one or all of the bears. Good luck helping us find the bear!

Does your favorite business on Phinney or Greenwood Ave not yet have a PNAnimal? Let them know they can still reserve their 2021 Winter Lights Animals Here.