Another business opening this Friday: Halcyon Brewing takes on former Naked City space

by | Oct 21, 2021

Article by Paul Redman

Halcyon Brewing Company is moving into the long-vacant Naked City space on Greenwood Avenue. Halcyon promises to be a departure from Naked City in a variety of ways.

Let’s start with the beer. Halcyon will primarily be a lager brewery, though IPAs will occupy some of their fourteen beer taps. In addition to serving beer, Halcyon will also likely serve things like wine, cider, root beer, kombucha and even some non-alcoholic beers on tap, though some of those beverages might not be available immediately. There will also be two Czech style “side pull” faucets, which will give the brewery its intended, lager-focused authenticity.

And whereas the Naked City brewhouse was tucked into the back of the space, the Halcyon brewhouse will be a focal point of the business, and located right in the front room, opposite the kitchen. The brewhouse itself is both beautiful and comes with a history. Copper-clad, the visually-stunning equipment was originally built in the Czech Republic, before being shipped to a brewery in Japan. From there, the equipment was purchased by Chainline Brewing in Kirkland.

Chainline, incidentally, is where Halcyon brewmaster Tom Furey used to work, along with other stints at Stoup, McMenamin’s, and a few other places. Furey is more than excited to be able to bring the brewhouse “home” to Halcyon, where Furey is part of the ownership team.

The rest of the ownership team promises to add experience and perspective to this new brewery. Tom’s wife, Lisa Huang, is an interior designer who hopes to help “soften” the atmosphere and décor, which will give Halcyon a feeling that departs from the typically industrial feel of many breweries.

They are partnering up with Mathew and Lauren Hipp, who are also part owners of the Broadview Taphouse and the Hill City Taphouse & Bottle Shop. Mathew, a graduate of Whitman Middle and Ballard High, plans to contribute his business expertise. Lauren, who also works for MomsRising, hopes that Halcyon can become something more than just a local business, with plans to support local school children and families.

And where Naked City felt like a sit down restaurant with table service, Halcyon will feel more like other breweries, where you walk up to the bar to order and then go find your own seating.

Food plans include offerings from both internal and external sources. Halcyon would like to host food trucks in the parking lot behind the beer garden, but will also produce their own snack-heavy menu from their kitchen, with a focus on Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese inspired hot dogs, with possible toppings such as cream cheese, nori, and kimchi.

Perhaps most exciting are the plans that Halcyon has for the beer garden outside. Gone is the old Henry mural, replaced by a new one painted by red-hot, up-and-coming muralist, Stevie Shao. Halcyon also plans to build a roof over the beer garden, so that patrons can enjoy that space not just during the pandemic, but beyond, even in the winter. They would also like to put up a screen for showing films or other events outside.

Finally, Halcyon will also utilize the large room next to the barroom, where they will also have screens for local sports events. And with seating in that room for 75, plus its own entrance, it promises to be attractive to local organizations and residents as a private event space, one that will also feature barrel aging of mixed culture farmhouse style beers.

Though the name Halcyon harkens back to a simpler time, it’s the future that looks brightest for beer lovers and others when this addition to the neighborhood opens its doors.

The Halcyon Brewing family: Tom and Lisa Furey, Matt and Lauren Hipp, and their kids

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