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The Chicken Supply debuts on Greenwood this Wednesday

Following the openings of Chez Phinney Wine Bar and Halcyon Brewing, The Chicken Supply is set to open to the Phinney neighborhood this Wednesday. Set in the former Opus Co. location at 7410 Greenwood Ave N and headed by their former Sous Chef Paolo Campbell, The Chicken Supply will will feature dairy-free and gluten-free (dredged in potato, rice, and coconut flours) fried chicken alongside Filipino-influenced sides like coconut collard greens, Mongoo beans and rice, marinated vegetables, and housemade pickles.

They will be open on Wednesday (10/27) from 4-9pm and you can order online here if you like. Keep in mind that this is a cashless operation: “Since the world is the way it is we have chosen to be completely cashless. That means we have no physical American currency anywhere in our space (unless we find that lucky dollar bill in our coat pocket!). We do, however, accept all major credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, electronic wallet stuffs, phone tapping, and if all else fails you’re more than welcome to Venmo us.”

From their website: “The Chicken Supply is an extension of our home, your neighbor’s backyard party, a quick rendezvous with your best friend, a place where the food facilitates the experience. Our food is rooted in the taste and culture of the Filipino dining experience, where everyone who is anyone comes together to share a meal, a drink, a laugh, and maybe even the latest hot goss. We’re not fancy and we don’t care about courses. Tweezers are useless here and 3 stars are part of our flag and not an accolade. We cook in hopes that our food finds its way into whatever your vibe may be. Let the chicken supply you.

Come out and support a new Phinneywood business when you can!