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Lucky Envelope Brewing Sixth Anniversary Celebration and beer specials will run April 30 – May 1

Lucky Envelope Brewing welcomes you to join their celebration of six years in the Ballard Brewery District on Friday, April 30th and Saturday, May 1st. Leaving their respective careers in engineering and corporate finance, Lucky Envelope founders and longtime friends Barry Chan and Ray Kwan opened the Ballard brewery in May of 2015. Their passion for both craft beer and shared Chinese-American heritage inspired a unique approach to brewing.

Respecting beer in its purest form but refusing to abide by the limits of convention, Lucky Envelope strives to push the envelope with bold new concepts and innovative recipes influenced by community, culture and curiosity. Six years later, Lucky Envelope Brewing has grown into a multi-award winning brewery, drawing inspiration from modern and historic beer styles and techniques to bring unique “Culturally Inspired” beers to Seattle and beyond.

Lucky Envelope Brewing’s Sixth Anniversary Celebration
Date & Time: Friday, April 30th and Saturday, May 1st from noon-9pm
Beer Releases: Sixth Anniversary Juicy IPA, Lychee Sour Ale, Boysenberry Coolship Barrel-Aged Sour
Food Truck: Panda Dim Sum, Saturday, May 1st from 4pm-8pm
Logistics: The Lucky Envelope Tasting Room will be operating at COVID-mandated capacity with outdoor seating available for on-site consumption. Seating is limited and a table waitlist will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Draft and packaged options are available for all three releases. Sixth Anniversary Juicy IPA and Lychee Sour Ale 4-pack cans as well as 500ml bottles of Boysenberry Barrel-Aged Coolship Sour will be listed on the webstore at 12am on Friday the 30th. A limited number of red envelope giveaways will be given out at noon on each day of the celebration.

Lucky Envelope’s staff will continue to serve delicious beer and maintain as safe an environment as possible with thorough sanitation practices and the enforcement of state mandated safety measures. Guests are asked to be patient with staff and respectful of the guidelines outlined for their visit to the Tasting Room.


Sixth Anniversary Juicy IPA (7.3% ABV)
Availability: Draft and 4-Pack Cans ($17)
Description: Celebrating six years in Ballard, Lucky Envelope Brewing presents a bold double dry-hopped Juicy IPA brewed with Idaho 7, Mosaic, and Comet hops that sing “Happy Birthday” to your taste buds with a punch of mango, tangerine peel, and pine.

Lychee Sour Ale (6.0% ABV)
Availability: Draft and 4-Pack Cans ($17)
Description: Hundreds of pounds of real lychee fruit finds its way into our delicious lactobacillus-soured blonde ale. Native to Southeast Asia, lychee adds delightful aromas of roses and pear with a mouth-watering juicy sweetness.

Boysenberry Barrel-Aged Coolship Sour Ale (6.1% ABV)
Availability: Limited Draft and Single 500ml Bottles ($12)
Description: 42lbs of boysenberries barrel-fermented with a blend of 24 and 18 month-old reserve coolship sour barrels to create a puckeringly tart and funky red sour with notes of dark tart cherries, blueberries, and jammy pink zinfandel.