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GloCone 2.0 installed, to debut on December 4th

Volunteers wrapped up installation of the PNA’s new GloCone this past Saturday. GloCone 2.0, with 3200 computer-controlled LEDs, replaces the original GloCone, hung from the air raid tower every holiday season since 2014.

The new GloCone is already lit, but barely—it’s resting up for its formal lighting at 5pm on Friday, December 4. This year, due to the pandemic, the lighting will not be live at the tower. Instead, it will be streamed on the PNA’s Facebook page and YouTube channel

Watch and be amazed at 5 on the 4th! (Oh, and don’t bother to gather at the air raid tower for the lighting—it’s a pre-recorded video. GloCone 2.0 will not start doing its thing until sometime after the video airs.)