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Caffé Vita spot rented: it will be the Pie Bar

Pie Bar is a business whose name reveals exactly what it is: a bar that serves drinks and pie. The original location is still in Capitol Hill, though independently owned of this new location and a Ballard location that has been open for several years right on Market Street. Pie Bar is run by Natalie Bleifuss, whose mantra could be “sugar and alcohol pleases the masses.”

Since splitting with the original location, she has not only established Ballard and soon-to-be Phinney, but also has a mobile truck and is in CenturyLink Field and Microsoft. As a single mother with 11- and 14-year olds at home, she envisions Pie Bar Phinney Ridge as a “date night bar”.

Expect a solid selection of drink choices including some twisted classics like the Root Beer Old Fashioned with bourbon, and some actual classics like a Moscow Mule in traditional copper mug. More importantly, there will be a mix of sweet (Peanut Butter Cream, anyone?) and savory (Chicken Pot Pie, of course) pies made with their signature housemade crusts.

Of her new location’s home, Bleifuss admitted when she came to view the space “I wanted to move here immediately.” Construction on the space should start next week, and Pie Bar is slating to open on August 1st if all goes well.