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Caffe Vita abruptly vacates Greenwood Ave location

In the middle of a truly April-like day in the driving rain, local businesses and community members were surprised and saddened to see moving trucks and workers loading items from Caffe Vita into a truck this afternoon.

Nestled between Bluebird Ice Cream and Cornuto at 7402 Greenwood Ave N for over a decade, this branch of the Caffe Vita was one of 10 locations for the iconic coffee roaster which also has locations in New York, Los Angeles and Canada.

PhinneyWood has reached out to Caffe Vita managers who have yet to respond to email, though is was known that this location recently sold to a new owner. In speaking to the owners of Cornuto and Bluebird, it appears that the new owners did not want to renew their lease with the current building owner. We will update this post as more information comes in.