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A tip from local restaurants: picking up food helps them considerably

First of all, a big thank you to everyone in the community who have been going out of your way to support our local business district. Federal and local funding sources are meager and insufficient, and it will take a real neighborhood effort to get Greenwood businesses through this.

In communicating with many of our restaurants, a number of them have relayed to me the costs associated with delivery vs. take-out. Many restaurants are using some sort of food delivery company, which is very convenient during the pandemic.

The food delivery companies encourage customers to use these services to help restaurants, but they charge as much as a 30% commission on each sale. 30% is not small amount in a low-margin and heavily impacted industry. Take-out, of course, costs the restaurants nothing.

If you are able to (walks are healthy!) and feel safe doing so, please consider take-out over delivery next time you choose to support one of our fine restaurants and cafes.