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Seattle Folklore Society streaming concerts, dance lessons, virtual dances and more

A calendar has been set up to share info to the community about streamed concerts, dance lessons & virtual dances, and other events to keep us connected in this challenging time when we can’t safely assemble. See a collection of streamed events here. Most events have a “virtual tip jar” so you can support artists whose earning has been severely impacted.

If you are an artist that would like to register your event, you can submit your concert information for inclusion on the master calendar of online concert streams here.

Also, the Seattle Folklore Society has set up a way to help support working artists during this difficult time when many may face a loss of income from cancellations of events. You may find the donate button on their website home page.  

You may leave then leave a note to direct it to a specific performer or band. Alternatively proceeds will be divided up between dance bands whose date was cancelled or concert performers who did not receive adequate compensation.