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Raiz Cafe opens in old Papa’s Hot Potatoes location

The rotating restaurants at 500 NW 65th St – from the Hanger Cafe to Stock to Papa’s – has a new entrant in Raiz, a Mexican cafe owned by Ricardo Valdes and Kenny Villegas. Villegas was the brainchild of El Xolo, a taco stand inside Nacho Borracho.

Valdes told Seattle Eater that the cafe will be cozy, with breakfast items such as chilaquiles (pictured above), requeson cheese pancakes with guava butter, and sandwiches. Raiz will feature mostly ingredients that are locally sourced. “A cozy cafe in Ballard. PNW meets CDMX,” reads their Instagram.

Raiz Cafe
500 NW 65th St.
Monday – Friday, 11am to 3pm
Saturday & Sunday, 9am to 3pm