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No more plastic bags in curbside recycling, but here is where you can take them

As of Jan. 1, garbage and recycling collection programs no longer accept plastic bags and plastic wrap in curbside recycling carts and bins.  

Instead, customers should take those separated materials to one of the more than 100 drop-off locations in King County where these materials can be properly recycled. This includes plastic retail bags, sandwich bags, produce bags, dry cleaning bags, and the plastic wrap around bundled toilet paper and paper towels.  

Find the full list of materials accepted at drop-off locations and a directory of drop-off locations at plasticfilmrecycling.org. Our closest option for Phinney-Greenwood are the Fred Meyer stores on 85th and down in Ballard.

While bringing plastic bags and wrap to a drop-off location is best for the environment, customers in Seattle and King County also can throw them in the garbage. It’s better to toss them out rather than contaminate other collected recyclables.  

Bringing plastic bags and wrap to a drop-off location keeps the bundled recyclables cleaner and easier to manufacture into new products.  

Other ways to recycle right include:  

• Make sure your recycling is empty, clean, and dry before putting it in the recycling bin; 
• When in doubt, find out – check your city or recycling collection company’s guidelines on which materials are recyclable and which are garbage; and  
• Always recycle empty, clean, and dry plastic bottles, tubs, and jugs; paper; glass bottles and jars; metal cans; and cardboard.