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New e-waste recycler and electronics shop opens on 98th and Aurora

With all the revelations in the news about irresponsible e-waste spread over the world, we now have a good option right in our community.

3R Technology, voted King County Green Small Business of the Year in 2016, is the most certified and trusted electronics recycler in the Pacific Northwest.  Using a properly certified electronics recycler helps ensure that your e-waste material is managed in a responsible and environmentally safe manner, and that your data is safe.

On site is also a Reuse Outlet Store that provides an affordable, quality alternative to purchasing new technology. Buying refurbished can help minimize impact on the environment and save money. Inventory includes laptops, tablets, Macbooks, smart phones, desktop computers, displays, printers, servers, network equipment, AV and stereos, and tons of parts and peripherals for the DIY enthusiast.

3R Technology North Seattle
9801 Aurora Ave N – (206) 472-6383

Sunday, Monday – Closed
Tuesday – Friday 11 am to 6 pm
Saturday – 10 am to 5 pm