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Annual Greenlake Milfoil Cleanup on Sunday

Looking for a quick and easy way to give back to your community? Come to the annual shoreline milfoil clean-up this Sunday at Greenlake.

When milfoil is left to die it uproots and washes up on the shore to decay. When it decays it releases phosphorus and nitrogen back into the lake contributing towards algae spikes year round. Anyone remember the “Greenlake Itch” from swimming in the lake years back? The goal is to prevent this!

This is hosted by Seattle Milfoil, who will be giving out hot coffee, donuts, gloves and tools. The Parks Department is partnering and will be allowing for strategic piles all around the lake to be trucked out at a later date.

Participants will be meeting is at 10am at the Greenlake Community Center, 7201 East Green Lake Dr N.