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KapKa Cooperative School to celebrate 30th Anniversary

Nestled at the Southwest corner of Woodland Park and still within earshot of various vocal zoo animals, KapKa Cooperative School is set to celebrate 30 years in our community.

KapKa, which comes from the Klamath word meaning “young pine”, is the creation of Ladell Black. University Co-Op had been established in 1975 by Black when the Seattle Public Schools had a levy failure and families learned there would be no public kindergarten offered that year. In 1989 thirteen families and Black came together and opened the doors to KapKa when the community was in need of more elementary school choices.

KapKa provides progressive, integrative education for children from kindergarten to fifth grade. The school is child-centered with a focus on cultivating academic, social and emotional growth. The experiential-based curriculum is developed through annual themes that provide an engaging, hands-on environment to master academic fundamentals. 

Last year, our daughter started Kindergarten at our local elementary. We are fortunate to live near a wonderful public school. She loved her teacher, learned a lot and made great friends. This was an overall positive experience, but we missed some of the aspects of a cooperative school.  

To learn more about KapKa, go to www.kapkaschool.org and join us for our Open House this winter on Sunday, December 7th.