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Seattle Urban Carnivore Project wants your wild animal sightings

Urban spaces and the suburbs that sprawl around them are growing worldwide, pushing some carnivore species into more remote regions, while forcing others to adapt to higher human densities. Increasing contact between humans and carnivores potentially leads to more human-carnivore interactions and increased concerns over risk to humans, whether real or perceived.

Woodland Park Zoo and Seattle University are launching a new project to explore how mammalian carnivores, such as coyotes, foxes, raccoons, bobcats, and even cougars and bears live and interact with people across urban and suburban areas in the Seattle region.

Woodland Park Zoo is working with staff, volunteers and community partners to deploy camera traps in city and county parks across the Seattle regions. They have launched the Carnivore Spotter website where you can record your carnivore sightings. Visit carnivorespotter.org now to report your local carnivore sightings and explore sightings throughout Seattle!