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Giant dragonfly rebirth Saturday near Green Lake

Team Dragonfly, a group of neighbors who get together every few years to repaint the giant dragonfly painted on the intersection at NE 60th St. and 4th Ave. NE (between Latona and the freeway), is at it again. They will be repainting the famous dragonfly this Saturday, August 31 and should be thick into the painting process by about noon.

The community is invited to come by and witness the event, and also learn more about how you can create something like this at your local intersection with a little work. The first time Team Dragonfly painted was in 2013 with matching funds from Seattle’s Department of Neighborhoods, and the project fulfilled its primary mission: bringing neighbors together and creating a sense of community.

You can see more about the dragonfly, the process, and an excellent time lapse video of it being painted the first time here.