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Officially launching in 3…2…1

Hello PhinneyWood Community!

Thank you for being such a great, interesting, and open community! Doree and Dale have trusted us to carry on a huge resource to the community and it is SO very important to us to get it right. We asked for your feedback and you delivered; thank YOU! With 225 responses from the community, you shared the top types of stories that you wanted covered. Here is the breakdown in order of popularity:

  1. Neighborhood happenings and events (91%)
  2. Business district updates (72%)
  3. Crime and safety (32%)
  4. Citywide issues that affect the Phinney-Greenwood neighborhood (29%)
  5. Traffic and street issues (24%)
  6. District 5 and local government issues (21%)
  7. Human interest stories (19%)
  8. Volunteer opportunities (15%)

As you can see, we are off and running with the Blog, and have been posting for the last couple weeks now. We have just closed our survey and wanted to share the results with you, as well as lay out what we are going to concentrate on bringing to you via the blog.

Here are some quotes that we found instructive on how to carry on Phinneywood.com:

“At its best, PhinneyWood.com was a place to learn about neighborhood events and opportunities to engage with community building happenings.”

“Let’s try to make sure that PhinneyWood.com doesn’t turn into a toxic website like so many forums do. Let’s keep PhinneyWood.com positive and open and beautiful.”

“I think PhinneyWood.com should be more of a moderated information source and a place for positive volunteerism and alliance that recognizes and embraces differences”

“I’d love to see this as an opportunity to provide direction on how to improve the businesses in the neighborhood. Making sure we get a great diversity of shops and restaurants that will help all the businesses succeed.”

In the last couple weeks, we’ve started posting and have focused on the top three content selections from the survey: neighborhood happenings and events, business district updates, and updates on significant crime and safety issues in the neighborhood.

In addition, we plan to have a story about a local person or business that takes a deeper dive every couple weeks. Though “human interest stories” didn’t rate highly in the poll, we felt that featuring businesses or people who have an impact on the PhinneyWood neighborhood was an important thing to produce. As one comment illustrated: “Getting a little deeper into what individual folks are going through or working on would be a nice extra – what challenges and successes businesses are having, who’s doing something special and unusual, what’s the trend in new buildings going in, and how city-wide policies and initiatives would play out locally would all be welcome.”

That is the general direction and content that we will be focusing on going forward and we still want to hear from you!  We’ll be conducting another poll in a few months to see how we’re doing and continue to inform the future of PhinneyWood.com.

You can always reach out with any questions, concerns, or (best of all) tips and story ideas to [email protected]. We are also selling ad space – send questions to [email protected].