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Public meetings for Seattle schools capital and operations levies

Seattle Public Schools will have two levies on the February 2019 ballot. Both would replace expiring levies for operations and capital improvements.
Three more public meetings are scheduled (two have already happened). The nearest meeting to our neighborhood is from 6:30-8:15 p.m. on Thursday, April 26, at Salmon Bay K-8, 1810 NW 65th St., in the lunchroom.
District staff will present information, collect feedback from the public and answer questions.

The three-year Operations levy replaces the expiring Operations levy. The state’s new funding formula does not provide enough funding for the district to operate in full. This levy will help address the gap left by state funding and support special education, textbooks and classroom supplies, safety and security and student activities. Counselors and school nurses are among the other services, programs and positions supported by the Operations levy.
The six-year Building Excellence V (BEX V) capital levy would replace the expiring BEX IV capital levy. It will allow the district to continue construction of new school buildings and new additions or renovations to existing buildings to address enrollment and facilities condition needs. This levy will include projects to add more classroom space to meet growing enrollment needs, replace or repair school buildings and systems, improve earthquake safety and security needs, improve classroom technology and fund major preventive maintenance throughout the school district.
The School Board is scheduled to decide on the final list of capital and technology projects included in the BEX V capital levy this fall. A timeline for the levy process is on this page.