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Sponsored post: Allergies or a Sinus Infection?

Sponsored post written by MultiCare Indigo Urgent Care – Wallingford
The rain is warmer. The days are longer. The weeds are blooming.
And, yes, your nasal passages are swollen.
If you’re like many of us, spring allergies are as predictable as rain in Seattle. But at Indigo Urgent Care in Wallingford, we frequently hear this question: Is it allergies or a sinus infection?
Swollen nasal passages and trouble breathing through your nose is a common allergy symptom. If an over-the-counter allergy medicine such as Zyrtec improves your symptoms, chances are you’re suffering from spring allergies.
In other cases, these symptoms continue — and don’t magically disappear with medications or a saline rinse — but they don’t get worse, either. Spoiler alert: your symptoms are likely spring allergies, too.
But what if your symptoms are worse — aching in your upper jaw or teeth, cough, throbbing facial pain and/or a fever? These could be signs of something worse.
If your symptoms don’t improve after 10-14 days, you may be suffering from a sinus infection or chronic sinusitis.
If you can’t see your regular doctor or these symptoms grow worse over the weekend, we invite you to visit us at MultiCare Indigo Urgent Care in Wallingford.
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