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Seattle Audubon needs volunteers for its Finding Urban Nature program at Greenwood Elementary

Seattle Audubon’s Finding Urban Nature (FUN) environmental education program still needs volunteers at Greenwood Elementary School.

FUN introduces 3rd and 4th grade students to the nature in their own schoolyard habitat, and examines how each organism depends on others to survive. Volunteers lead small groups of four to six students through a series of outdoor investigations, which teach kids to use their senses and scientific practices to discover the importance of urban biodiversity firsthand.
Volunteers devote about two hours a week for four weeks to lead 4-6 students through each lesson, with the support of the school’s FUN Team Leader and classroom teachers. No previous teaching or science background is necessary; volunteers will attend a training session before going into a school.
The program needs volunteers at Greenwood elementary for lessons in October and November.

If interested, contact Seattle Audubon at [email protected] or 206-523-8243 ext. 110.